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Low Libido : Causes And Treatment

Low Libido : Causes And Treatment

Low Libido : Causes And Treatment

Low Libido : Causes And Treatment
Low Libido : Causes And Treatment

Low libido simply means a decrease in sex drive that can negatively affect your sexual ability. This situation causes doubts, guilt and tension in relationships. But the good news is that it can be treated as soon as you identify the cause.

It is a common problem that affects many men at some point in their lives. It is most often linked to issues in your life like stress and relationship issues.

But it could also be a sign of some medical problems.

What are the symptoms of low libido?

One of the major physical symptoms of low libido is erectile dysfunction, which is the inability to maintain an erection long enough to have satisfactory sex. Erectile dysfunction can also cause a man to be anxious around sex.

Another symptom in men can be impotence, the inability of the man’s semen to fertilize the woman’s egg and get her pregnant. If this is an issue for you, check out HOW TO INCREASE YOUR SPERM VOLUME

At what age does a man lose his libido?

It is normal for libido (sex drive) to decrease as a man increases in age.

A young man should have no problem with low libido, ideally.

But in today’s world it is not uncommon to see a man in his thirties having low libido. The stress of our everyday life can be a major reason for low libido.

Ideally, a man naturally starts noticing a decline in sex drive at around 60 and 70 years but most often than not, a decrease in sex drive is often the cause of an underlying illness.

Causes of low libido

There are many reasons a man starts having low libido and some of them are:

1. Age

As has been mentioned above, age is the more natural reason for a decrease in sex drive for men.

Around the age of 60 and 70, most men start to notice a reduction in their sex drive and this is normal but nowadays, men in their 20s experience low libido but thanks to Randyfoods that gives a cure

But you can push this number forward if you still want to enjoy great sex at 80 or 90 by living a healthy lifestyle.

2. Low testosterone

A reduction in your testosterone level can be one of the causes of low libido in men.

Some men still maintain a high level of libido even at low testosterone levels, but in other men, they experience a low sex drive even with the normal levels of testosterone.

But as men age and testosterone levels decrease, every man at some point in his life will experience low sex drive.

How do you increase your testosterone level?

Some of the ways you can increase your testosterone levels are:

  • Exercise regularly and lift weights – this is to maintain a healthy weight
  • Eat more protein
  • Minimize your stress levels
  • Get some vitamin D
  • Use some supplements
  • Get plenty of rest – sleep 7 to 8 hours every night

3. Prescription medicines

A decrease in your testosterone level could be a side effect of some prescription medicines.

Some medications are known for their active participation in reducing testosterone levels like antidepressants, which are known to decrease testosterone levels which leads to some other side effects like low sex drive.

Another drug that has been known to lower testosterone levels is statins. It is used to lower cholesterol.

4. Exercise

Exercising daily helps improve your sex drive but when it is taken to the extreme can have a counter effect on your sex drive.

Some chronic exercises that require high levels of endurance have been known to decrease testosterone levels.

Examples of these types of exercises are: running for hours or cycling.

Also, not working out at all and having a sedentary lifestyle can be a cause of low testosterone levels.

The point is you should exercise adequately to help boost your testosterone levels.

Lifting weights can briefly increase your testosterone levels too.

5. Alcohol

Too much consumption of alcohol can cause a decrease in your sex drive.

A little alcohol may be good and even enhances your sex life but too much of it is bad for your sex drive.

Excess consumption of alcohol can cause temporary and long term erectile dysfunction in men.

Try to reduce the amount of alcohol you consume on a daily basis so that your testosterone levels can be high enough to improve your sex drive.

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6. Drug use

The use of hard drugs will not only reduce your sex drive, it will also ruin your life.

I would never recommend you take hard drugs like cocaine because not only does it reduce your sex drive, it can also ruin your life, your health and everything in it.

It is highly recommended you stay away from experimentation with hard drugs as that is a slippery slide to an addiction.

7. Depression and anxiety

Depression is a psychological issue that can cause low sex drive in men.

Although many men don’t talk about depression, most feel it.

What causes depression and anxiety in men?

  • Health problems
  • Isolation – being alone all the time without friends
  • Relationship problems
  • Major negative significant change in your life
  • Job and employment problems
  • Drugs and alcohol use
Unhappy couple not talking after argument on bed at home in bedroom

What are the symptoms of depression and anxiety?

  • Sleeping too much
  • Always talking about death
  • Being moody
  • Lack of motivation and drive
  • Always being quite

If you notice through the lists above that you are feeling depressed, there are some things you can do like:

  • Set some goals for your life and begin working towards them – goals equal happiness according to Brian Tracy.
  • Go out and meet new people
  • Do something you love
  • Listen to some good music
  • Try something entirely new


From worrying about money to deadlines at work and other personal issues that require your attention, everyday stress can lead to a low sex drive.

Chronic stress can also be a major reason for low libido. It attacks your sex drive on many levels.

One of the biggest is through your hormones.

Too much stress can cause your body to produce too much of the hormone called cortisol which is known to reduce libido.

How do you manage your stress levels?

There are many ways you can reduce or manage your stress levels and they are:

  • Getting a regular massage
  • Meet a psychologist or just talk to someone, anyone
  • Avoid caffeine
  • Manage your time well
  • Get more sleep
  • Learn to say ‘No’ – there are enough things already that stress you out on a daily basis, you don’t need to add to it by catering to other people’s problems.

How can you treat low libido?

You can treat low libido naturally or you can go see a professional, it is advisable you see a professional first before using any of the natural ways below to treat low libido.

1. Change your medication

If you are having problems with your sex drive, try changing your medications as it may be causing your low libido.

Talk to your doctor about this first before making the switch.

2. Make healthier life choices

Majority of our physical and health problems are our fault.

If you have to choose between going to the gym or lying on the couch and watching your favorite TV shows with a bucket of chicken wings, which would you choose?

Yes, one of them is the more appealing of the two choices but the more appealing choice will be the main reason you can’t seem to find your sex drive.

It’s time you start making some healthier life choices so that you can increase your sex drive and please your woman in bed.

3. Reduce your stress levels by meditating

Mediation has been known for centuries to help reduce stress in your life.

Try imbibing the habit of meditating daily in your life

Meditate for 5 to 10 minutes daily if you are a beginner and as soon as you have gotten a hang of it, you can increase your meditation time to 15 and 20 minutes.

With time you will begin to see the tremendous effect of daily meditation.

4. Reduce your alcohol intake

Cut down your alcohol intake to two glasses of wine daily.

It can be tough to cut down on your alcohol level especially if you have been used to consuming 5 bottles of beer on a daily basis.

But it is for your own good and for the good of your relationship.

Sexual frustration can make people do crazy things like going outside to find the satisfaction she needs.

5. Use this supplement called Randyfoods


This is a supplements that can boost your sex drive and if you can’t diligently follow the steps above to increase your sex drive, turn to Randyfoods that will help treat your low libido and also prevents re occurrence

Randyfoods is a dietary supplement that can help you increase your libido fast.

It helps improve your sex life by:

  • Curing and increasing your low libido
  • Helping you last longer in bed
  • Develop rock-hard erections
  • Cures and prevents impotence
  • Improves fertility
  • And many more…

This supplement can help you as it has helped countless number of people treat their low libido and also improve their sex life.

Take a look at this testimonial from a happy customer below:

“This is a good product I used sometimes ago. My libido was quite low then as nothing turned me on again. My wife felt resented as she didn’t turn me on. I know she’s not the problem because it’s the same scenario with my lady friend. It was randy foods that increased my libido. What I love most is the intensity of my ejaculation. So good.” TOM. H. from ENUGU 

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Low libido affects all men at some point in their lives but the good news is, it is curable by this special supplement, Randyfoods

And you have seen in this post why you have a low libido, the symptoms of having a low libido and how you can cure it by using Randyfoods

Are you still find that you are having low libido, use the Randyfoods supplement to skyrocket your libido.



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