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Men who are confronted with the challenge of low sperm volume are rendered incapable of impregnating a woman which is a great problem for men who in most cases see their sex organs as useless due to this problem. When your sperm volume is down, poor, or low, raising it to normalcy is always very tough. Some families on noticing this problem end up resolving to adopt children rather than keep trying the numerous solutions presented in the medical market. However, out of the several cures made public to end this problem, SpermBoost stands out unique. The importance of this supplement will be explained later, you can increase your sperm volume through these means below.

Give Yourself A Break

Without doubt, frequent sex is good for a man’s fertility level especially when you want a baby but it has to be moderate. Taking a break of one or two days can help you regain your ejaculation power. Your sex partner would without arguments prefer that you have sex constantly than you taking a week break all in the name of regaining your sperm level. Rather than having sex every day, you can have a day or two breaks to regain your lost sperm and go back at it, this way your body takes a break, regain fully and equip you with more sex power.

Of course, we all want to improve our sex drive because it is pleasurable but your body is not a machine, there is a limit to what it can carry, tread with caution. If you are the type that fails to take a break because of strong desire to have sex or you have an uncontrollable sex urge, you have to watch it because you are only exposing your body to the dangers of having a low sperm count, increasing your sperm volume is a gradual step, you cannot gain it overnight.

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Remain Hydrated

Just like every other organic matter which man is equally one, the human body is primarily constituted of water. Once water is inadequate in your entire body, it can easily affect your entire body including your sperm volume. When your body is dehydrated, it begins to cleave all the remaining water in your body, channeling it to parts of your body where it is most needed to keep up maintenance. Dehydration has serious effect on your sperm volume, just as proper hydration will increase your sperm volume, so will dehydration reduce your sperm level.

Ensure You Eat A Well-Balanced Diet

There is no doubting the fact that what you consume as a human being play a major role in conditioning your body. Your sperm volume is equally affected by the type of food you eat, you cannot be constantly consuming foods that are rich in fats and expect to have a high sperm volume, that is not reachable. Rather, you are under the risk of getting overweight or obese which affects your hormonal balance and lead to low sperm count. To increase your sperm volume, you have to consume foods that are rich in vitamins, selenium, and are not zinc-deficient. Some of the nutrients needed to keep your testosterone level normal include lysine, arginine, and carnitine, they can be gotten when you eat a well-balanced diet containing foods like red meat, oatmeal, tuna, and poultry.

Raise Your Vitamin Intake Level

Despite the fact that an average male ejaculation is comprised of numerous other proteins, raising your intake of vitamins and minerals is equally essential to improving your sperm volume. Aside vitamins and minerals, it is imperative to note that the semen is equally composed of additional amino acids such as arginine and lysine. Increasing your intake of vitamins and minerals will effectively boost your ejaculation level.

Avoid Smoking

For people who are addicted to smoking and needs a strong reason to quit the habit, being aware of the fact that smoking is capable of reducing your sperm volume is good enough reason for you to quit the habit. Aside your sperm level, smoking is almost responsible for every bad thing that can affect your body. It has the capability to inhibit your prostrate ability in producing secretions. As a human being, whether you have health challenges or not, you should understand that smoking is bad to your system and you should avoid it, talk more of developing the habit and becoming addictive to smoking. When you quit smoking, your sperm volume might increase because it affects many aspects of sperm health such as poor sperm motility, low sperm count, and causes morphological damage. A man with poor sperm volume going through fertility treatment might reason that he is off the hook and can smoke, that is vague. Smoking while undergoing treatment will affect your progress, it is advisable that you just quit the habit. Another major factor to quit smoking you should note is that it has the capability to equally affect your female sex partner’s fertility.

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SpermBoost, a supplement made from traditional herbs, researched scientifically and found to be effective in solving issues associated with male infertility. Empirical evidences attached to this supplement has lasted for over a century


placing it ahead of other solutions presented in the numerous bids to improve sperm volume, sperm count, sperm viability and sperm motility through the use of this supplement are improved to about 300%. SpermBoost positive effect in a man’s reproductive organs is swift, at most 30 days of consuming the Naturehill supplement comes with a significant outcome, coupled with its ability to reduce morphological damage. It is a drug specifically made to fight off infertility in males and ensure men live up to women’s wants in bed. Testimonies of how effective SpermBoost is abounds greatly, don’t be a doubting Thomas with this supplement, give it a trial and bid farewell to your lack of productivity.

After I did Sperm Analysis, the results were frightening and my sperm volume was  1ml, all the drugs i used didn’t work until a friend introduced me to this product, skeptically, I gave it a trial and believe me, it worked beyond my wildest dream. THANK YOU


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