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Will You Marry Me? Why He Has Not Pop The Question

Will you marry me?
Man proposing to his woman

Women have a Biological Clock, women like to have somethings done at a certain age, at a certain time.

It’s your plan, it’s your Business. Some women like to have children before age 30, some want to get married before age 30. And it’s perfectly fine for you to want what you want.

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Men don’t have biological clock. Men have a financial clock.

And his is ticking and he doesn’t have the money yet to marry a wife.

And if he does not see a way he can provide, protect and take care of you, he don’t see the clear path he is certainly not going to pop the question just yet.

Every man knows even if he borrowed to conduct a wedding which is just one day, he can’t borrow to raise up his kids

Because the moment you get married, everyone start looking at the wife tummy.

Boom!!! They have started counting days.

So while a woman is dreaming of the type of baby dress and baby shoes to use to decorate her first baby and how her baby shower is going to look like, the man is sitting at the balcony thinking of how to purchase them.

And of course even if you met him in one room self contain, a sensible man knows the moment he get married, that one room self contain will become too tight to dwell because you have to create space for babies.

So the man is thinking how do I pay the rent?

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This is why you have to wait and assist this guy to catch up so he can be able to meet up with his obligations.

Because until we determine who we are, and what we do, which affect how much we make, we are very incomplete as men to chest the burden of marriage.

NOTE: I am not talking about wedding.

And if you want to sign up for real with this guy as your bone of your bone and flesh of your flesh, you want him to marry you real quick, you are to sit him down for real and ask him to list out all his burdens on a notebook and you both discuss how these burdens can be solved.

When these burdens are lighted and reduced he is certainly going to pop the question to you.


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