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What Happen To Children Born In Conflicts Homes

Children born in conflicts home

Children Born in Conflicts Homes

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Children who grew up in homes of high level of conflicts, ended up with more physical, Emotional and social challenges later on in life.

Children of divorced parents are more damage by the by the argument that occurred during marriage than by the spilt itself.

Witnessing fights at home that they are 30% likely to develop behavioral issues compared to other kids.

Ongoing conflicts between parents can affect a child mental health, the development of their social and Emotional skills, academic attainment and most importantly their future Relationship.

We may not be able to avoid fighting but we can avoid dragging into the fight.

We can avoid forcing them to choose, we can avoid forcing them to take sides.

We can avoid forcing them to become a part of our anger and Aggression.

When we recognized the  consequences of our actions in a child life not just in a day not just in a year, but potentially decades.

We can start to become more conscious of the way we behave around them.

When children see the way parent lead by Empathy, acts with compassion, and see them recognising they  are on the same team, there could be a complete shift in a child future experiences.

Children don’t do as you say, they do as you do.

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Compiled by Osagie Merry


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