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UNIMED DNS Pastor (Mrs) Olayinka Fehintola Ajetunmobi MAKING LIFE UNBEARABLE FOR NURSES.


Madam DNS of UNIMED Pastor (Mrs) Olayinka Fehintola Ajetunmobi has Been making Nursing practices in Unimed unbearable. Below are some of her Assisted and Commanding actions:

– Assisted in the termination of 4 nurses leading the protest against their 6 months owed salaries

– Errand Girl for management agaisnt nurses. Examples in terms of professional ego-battering and professionalism-mudering polices. Nurses cannot remove catheter, must not insert same, cannot transcribe prescriptions, carry out some minor procedures etc.

-Errand girl in charge of writing the names of those not on duty during the strike action of nurses then. At the end of the day, everyone that went on strike had their salaries slashed. doctors went on a strike longer than what the nurses did and were paid fully

– Instigated the management to ensure they don’t get their full payment (the four guys sacked for protesting then after reinstating them through many social media appeals and co).

The DNS making life unbearable for Nurses
The DNS making life unbearable for Nurses


-Now, she’s stalking the WhatsApp status of a nurse enough for her to screenshot and issue a query. Issuing threats and all, almost caused the nurse to depression

By @pamsnod



UNIMED DNS Pastor (Mrs) Olayinka Fehintola Ajetunmobi issued the following Query to one Nurse Adeleke Taiwo Olamide simply because of what he posted on His WhatsApp Status.


All Effort by Nurse Adeleke Taiwo Olamide to reach the DNS have been denied.


Right now the young Nurse went missing and Was Later found Unhealthy and rushed to the nearest Hospital.


We call on relevant agencies to reach out to The DNS to Call her to order before Nurses take laws into their hands.




  1. When we are praying that Nursing profession should progress, someone is stabbing us at the back. We don’t need people that can’t stand for our profession nor victimize younger generation.

  2. BAMGBADE,Comfort B.(Rtd C.N.O LSGHSC

    I don’t why we Nurses are maltreating ourselves. As far as am concerned she’s just ridiculing herself, all Nurses in UNIMED should go on strike & lets see if she will perform their duties.. Ajetumobi should remember she have children & law of karma will repeat itself on her family.
    If she really love her family she better reinstate d Nurses & make sure she & all the nurses are well taken care of.

    **AJETUNMOBI F.O. should remember she will leave office one day. God knows tomorrow things may turn around for her & if she’s really a soldier of GOD, then she should WIN SOULS & NOT DESTROY INNOCENT SOULS.. Her reward awits her on d judgment day..


  3. Not all who profess to be Christian’s are real Christian’s. This one is a devil incarnate.she is a wicked woman covering under rccg. God will deal with her in his own way. I pity for her children

  4. This is not fair enough,do to others what you want them do to you, she doesn’t have to instill fear into people now? will she be the first DNS?Let her come to Lagos and see how Our DNS behave,she is a mother and very approachable.The Great Judge will judge everyone according to his /her work.

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