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Stop the incessant Deductions of Nurses Salary by the Bayelsa State NANNM

MCPDP is only mandatory when a nurse needs credit units for her license renewal. But this year Bayelsa State NANNM made it compulsory for every nurse in the state exception of FMC yenagoa to pay for it.

So without prior notice to us in our various units by our excos we noticed a deduction of 5k from April 2022 salary when we asked how come in our whatsapp group that was when our PRO excos in NDUTH, okolobiri told us that state NANNM will be deducting 25k from us for a period of 5months for the MCPDP and nurses week celebration. We as nurses are not pleased especially the junior ones that are not earning much cos any penny removed is s loss to us cos most of us are still in school trying to upgrade.

Yet deductions are made from our salary without proper informed consent by our association that we also pay dues, why? A lot of issues needs to addressed in this nursing profession in Nigeria. Please and please I want to plead with NANNM to desist from touching our salary cos it’s a an offence. They have no right to touch our salary without prior info.

Pls general public and good-hearted nurses and Nigerians. We need an end to these incessant deductions of our salary. They have no entitlement to it.

Thanks and God bless us richly as a common resolution is reached to ensure that this 25k deductions by Bayelsa State NANNM and any consistent future deductions will be stopped and our monies refunded.


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