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In 2011,Some Media Practitioners from different media stations came together and started a yearly award called Southwest Nigeria Excellence Awards, the purpose of the award is to create a platform where those that are impacting the society can be appreciated, also to honour those that are outstanding in their services to the public. This will encourage those that are doing well and also pique those that are not doing well to greater impact.

The first edition of SOUTH WEST NIGERIA EXCELLENCE AWARDS was held live at the premises of the Nigerian Television Authority and was shown live to the teeming public. The award is rotated among the states of the South West Region.

Nominations are done by the Media Practitioners and the public, after the nomination exercise, the list of the nominees will be sent to the screening committee led by Pastor Honey Olawale, a thorough background check will be conducted and the awardees will now be notified through letters.

In 2018, the award was split into different categories, education, health and business, The first education award was held at the International Conference Centre, University of Ibadan.

SNEA has partnered with different organizations to positively affect Southwest Nigeria. Presently, SNEA IS partnering with the GIVE TO WIN PROJECT to build flats accommodation for 40 Selected widows at Ajah Lagos.


kindly  nominate people under the categories listed below for SOUTH SOUTH NIGERIA EXCELLENCE AWARDS kindly send their phone numbers along if you have them, so we can send their notification letters to them directly. I will appreciate if these nominations can be returned back to me latest by Friday 28th August.

General Criteria for outstanding lecturer and other professional categories

-Nominees must be of high integrity.
-Nominees must be known for commitment to their Jobs with exceptional skills to deliver.

Criteria for outstanding Schools

-The Beauty and cleanliness of the campus
-Outstanding Research Projects
-Remarkable academic performances
-Exceptional leadership management.

Creteria for Outstanding leadership Award
-Nominees must be of high integrity.
–Must have Exceptional leadership Qualities.

Criteria for Community Impact Award
-Nominees must be of high integrity.
–Must have impacted their immediate communities positively.

Nomination Categories

Outstanding Lecturers of the year. (10 Recipients)

*Outstanding Leadership Award (10 Recipients.They can be from any sector, Religious, Education, Health, Community etc)

*Community Impact Award (15 Recipients,they can be from any Sector)

*Outstanding Pharmacy of the year

*Outstanding Nurse of the year

*Outstanding Pharmacist of the year

*Outstanding Physiotherapist of the year

*Outstanding Radiologist the year

*Outstanding Physician of the year (10 Specialities)

*Outstanding ICT company of the year

*Outstanding Secondary School of the year

*Outstanding Citizen of the year(15 Recipients)

*Outstanding private University of the year

*Outstanding Government University

*Outstanding Student of the year

*Outstanding College of Education of the year

*Outstanding Polytechnic of the year

*Outstanding business of the year(10 Recipients)
*Outstanding research project of the year.

*South South Nigeria Excellence Awards RC Number* 165294



*Please Forward the Names, Phone Number and Category of Whom you will be Nominating to my WhatsApp Number 08106290273

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