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You can apply for your student visa at most, 6 months before your course start date but you can only travel at most, 1 month before your course start date.

To apply for your UK student visa Click HERE
Stop!!! Important advice before you continue:


1. Your passport.

2. CAS statement (this includes your CAS number and sponsor details). You don’t need to upload this as it is an electronic document that the ECO has access to. Just filling the CAS information on your application is ok.

3. Academic evidence and documents detailed on CAS.

4. TB test result (from IOM only). See booking details HERE

5. Outstanding tuition fees.


See More details HERE

A. £1,334 monthly (for up to 9 months) for within London (this includes schools in the Greater London area and all the London boroughs). This means that you need to show £1,334  for your maintenance.

B. £1,023 monthly (for up to 9 months) for outside London. This means that you need to show £1,023 *9 for your maintenance.



A. You can use your bank statement or your parents bank statement to show your funds (tuition fees + maintenance).
The money must be kept in the account for 28 days before application; the end of the 28 days must not be older than 31 days before your application.
Note: Your application date is the date of your online submission, not your biometrics date.
The only family members that can sponsor you (give you their account statement to use) are your parents or legal guardian(s).
If using your parents’ account(s), you need your birth certificate which has your parents’ name as your parents to prove your relationship to them.
Note: You can only use your partner’s money if your partner is present in the UK or applying at the same time as you.

If using your guardian’s statement, you need to include a court document appointing the person as your guardian. This guardian must have been appointed by the court when you were below 18 years.

Note 1: If your funds are held in an account that is not in £, the ECO will convert the funds in your account using the exchange on the day of your online application as calculated on: 👉🏽👉🏽👉🏽 SEE HERE

Note 2:
You cannot use overdrafts, bitcoin savings, stocks and shares, pensions, bank accounts that are not regulated by the financial regulatory body in the country you’re applying from or bank accounts that don’t use electronic record keeping.

Note 3: You can use current accounts, deposit accounts, savings accounts, pension savings, investment accounts.

Note 4: When paying your visa/HIS fees, your bank will not use Oanda rates.

Note 5: Please leave your funds in your account till you get your visa to avoid stories that touch. If it is used to pay your fees, you must have the receipt ready incase the ECO requests for a fresh bank account statement covering longer periods.
Note 6: Prepare for an interview even if the possibility is low so that you are ready for any eventuality.


B. You can also submit a sponsorship letter (see sample here:👉🏽👉🏽👉🏽SEE HERE  if you’re sponsored by
i. Her Majesty’s (UK) Government
ii. The applicant’s home (Nigerian, in this case) government
iii. the British Council
iv. an international organisation eg. UNICEF, UN, WHO etc.
v. an international company (a company that actively operates in 2 or more countries)
vii. a university (eg. The university where you will be studying).
viii. a UK independent school.

c. Loan letter, if you are in receipt of an educational loan. The loan must be in your name. See link for details👉🏽👉🏽👉🏽 HERE

The loan letter must confirm that there are no conditions on release of the loan funds other than a successful application to study.
It must also confirm that the funds will be available to you, or paid directly to the sponsor, before you begin your course.

8. Consent letter: You’ll also need a letter from your parent(s) or guardian that states that they consent to you using the funds in the account for which evidence has been submitted. This is only applicable if using their bank statements. See sample here:👉🏽👉🏽👉🏽 HERE

9. ATAS certificate, if your course requires it.

10. Consent letter: Under 18s will also need a consent letter from both parents or their guardian consenting to their visa application, their living arrangements in the UK and their travel to the UK. See example here (edit as required): 👉🏽👉🏽👉🏽HERE

Graduate visa (after your studies) SEE DETAILS 👉🏽👉🏽👉🏽 CLICK ME
Cost: Visa – £700 + IHS (£624 per year * 2 for Masters programmes and £624 per year * 3 for PhDs) = £1,948 (Masters) and £2,572 (PhDs).

FOR DEPENDANTS: Your family must be in the UK as your dependant under the Student visa for them to qualify as your dependants under the Graduate visa route. This means that they must apply to join you more than 6 months to the end of your course since BRPs are not issued for any visa below 6 months.
a. Spouses only: Marriage certificate.

b. Spouses and Children: Maintenance evidence: Bank statement showing £845 monthly * 9 months for within London or £680 monthly * 9 months for outside London. This must be in the account for at least 28 days; the end of the 28 days must not be older than 31 days before your application.

For dependant spouses, the money can be in your account or your partner’s account.


For dependant children, the money can be in either parent’s account.
Note: If applying shortly after the main applicant, be ready to show evidence of the main applicant’s funds (ie. Bank statements showing that he/she still has part of the money that hasn’t been spent on tuition or living expenses, rent/tuition receipts and any other document to prove that the money is not being recycled).

c. Spouses and children: TB test certificate (From IOM only)

d. Your child(ren) only: Child(ren)’s birth certificate showing you as their parent.
Note: If you’re taking care of a family member who’s now like a child to you and you’d like to take this child with you to the UK, you must provide an adoption certificate, court document showing that you have been appointed as the child’s legal guardian or granting you parental responsibility over the child.
These documents must be dated before the child turns 18 (ideally while the child is under age 16).

e. Spouse or parent’s Biometric Residence Permit if they are already in the UK, their vignette /GWF number if they have gotten their vignette but are still in Nigeria or if they are awaiting their application decision.

f. For spouses, you can include pictures of you and your spouse to prove that your marriage is genuine and subsisting or communication evidence (if you have lived apart prior to your application especially in cases where the spouse has travelled to the UK already). You can also use joint accounts, letters from your doctor, joint properties amongst many others to show that your marriage is real.

g. For children only: consent letter signed by both parents or legal guardian. See sample here (edit as required): 👉🏽👉🏽👉🏽 SEE HERE

h. Your passport.

i. IHS payment. No need to upload your IHS receipt as the payment is automatically linked to the application for which it was made.

Partner application link: 👉🏽👉🏽👉🏽 SEE HERE

Child dependant application link: SEE HERE

1. Visa fee: £475 . For further info, check on costs and requirements check HERE

2. TB test fee: currently N57,800. Check for booking, cost, and updated information HERE

3. IHS cost: Currently £470 for each year of your course plus £235 for the extra 4-6 months granted in addition to the duration of your course.
Calculate how much your IHS will cost HERE

4. Optional processing service fees. Check HERE for more info:
a. Priority: £220 (application processed, ideally, within 5 working days)
b. Super priority: £956 (application processed, ideally, within 24 hours)
c. For other value-added services, check HERE

Note: This can sometimes be suspended due to large volumes of applications or certain unforeseen situations.

Note: For single parents who want to travel with their under-18 child(ren) but not with the child(ren)’s other parent, you will need a death certificate, sole custody order or any other legal document that shows that the child(ren)’s other parent isn’t in the picture anymore.
Also, having detailed childcare plans while you study helps – contact nurseries/schools around your area to give you an idea of how to weave this into your application.
The onus is on you to prove that your situation is compelling enough for the ECO to grant you and your child(ren) visas without the other parent.

After you arrive:
1. For rooms and accommodation:
2. Apply for your NI as soon as possible after you arrive and pick up your BRP. https://www.gov.uk/national-insurance
3. Register on the electoral roll – this is good if you plan to build a life here. https://www.gov.uk/electoral-register
4. Apply for your provisional driving licence – this comes in handy as proof of address and form of ID. https://motoring.dvla.gov.uk/service/DvoConsumer.portal?_nfpb=true&_pageLabel=FAP&_nfls=false

5. Sign up on job sites
For NHS jobs (they usually have 0-hour contracts, part-time and permanent contracts), https://www.healthjobsuk.com/


Final additions below for those who ask.
You can use Microfinance banks as long as they are registered with and licenced by CBN.
You should also find out if any one has used the statements from that bank before because it also proves that the bank can satisfactorily verify financial statements through UKVI established channels. The bank being able to verify the statement to UKVI as required and when due is key.
CAS – Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies. You need this from your school to apply.
ECO – Entry Clearance Officer. The visa official that assesses your application.
NSF mail – Non-Straightforward mail. You get this mail if they need more documents from you or if they won’t be able to decide your application within the set timeframes.
POE – Point Of Entry. The airport that you come in through.
POF – Proof Of Funds. Evidence of how you intend to fund your studies.
BRP – Biometric Residence Permit: Your BRP is the documentary evidence of your UK immigration permission. The BRP looks like a driver’s licence but with details of your immigration permission in the UK.
When you get your visa in Nigeria, it will be on your passport with a 90-day validity. Once you get into the UK, you pick your BRP which replaces the visa in your passport and is valid throughout your stay in the UK (eg.16 months for 1 year courses).


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