Discover the NEW Program Nigerians Are Using to Legally Relocate to Canada Even If Your IELTS Score Is As Low as 5.0

By Osagie Merry
Ikorodu | May 8, 2021

Dear Guest,

Thank you for Giving this post a Chance, i know how careful you are of scammers i lost a over #3million to a random post i saw on instagram 2 years when i was seeking a USA Visa so, you are right to be skeptical of the authenticity of this post.

Well, my Name is Osagie Merry   and i am a Registered Nurse as well as the Chief Executive Director of Mundesi Group READ MORE ABOUT ME HERE

That said, let's face the reason why you are here

This post or call it awareness is the easiest, cheapest route to CANADA Especially as a Nurse/Chew/Doctor/Laboratory Scientist what ever cadre of healthcare you belong.

Just before i showed you the real video, i want you to carefully read this to understand what this is about.

The Home Care Providers industry in Canada is a growing industry, with a multitude of diverse companies offering services to grow the healthcare markets.

Industry providers cater largely to the elderly population, which is growing at a rate exceeding the national population growth rate in Canada, as well as to individuals suffering from chronic illnesses and disabilities.

It is a $4.3 Billion Industry.

For us in Nigeria here.

Think of it as having a home or center that is centered towards taking care of our elderly parent, and workers are paid between $2500-$3500 Monthly [N750,000-N1,050,000 Monthly].
Now that this is now clear, here is what you need to know.

There is a massive demand for people looking to work in these organizations/companies. They are willing to give you an employment letter which you can use to process your work permit. See some evidence

 - https://globalnews.ca/video/5273538/the-provincial-government-is-being-urged-to-deal-with-the-serious-shortage-of-care-aides-in-the-okanagan-and-beyond-a-situation-many-call-a-health-care-emergency

Just having this letter signed by the company removes the need for you to any proof of fund in your account because you have a job on your arrival.

Secondly, when you get this job anywhere in Canada, you are allowed to move with your entire family.

 Your partner would also apply and will be issued what is called an OPEN work permit that will enable him/her to work anywhere or do business in Canada.

So, if you are sharp, you will immediately see this as a clear pathway to Canada - it is legal, cheaper and faster. 

Your spouse works as a Home Support Worker while you work anywhere else. Let me also add that the home-care work isn't gender-specific. 

I'm sure you know that there are male nurses. So, if you are an unmarried man, and you genuinely want to relocate to Canada, but it seems, though, try this route.

Benefits of Home Health Care -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GNIEtj2yVpc

All you have to do is write your IELTS exam, score a minimum of 5.0. Trust me - your primary school niece will score that. Next, you do your Credential Evaluation while you get your work permit processed.

And one last thing I love about this program is that...

You are getting to Canada is to resume work and start getting paid right from the moment you enter Canada.
So, you don't need to be worried about what other newcomers bother about - that's waiting two to three months before they get a job. However, you will need to sort out for first-month rent knowing that you will start getting paid at month-end.

Your job in this home care industry is already settled before you and your family buy your flight tickets to move to Canada.

Here are few more insights -

Via this immigration program, you will apply for both work permit and permanent residency visa. You will get the work permit visa before your leaving Nigeria. After working for 24 months as a home care support worker you can then apply for a Permanent Residency Visa.

Once receipt of your Permanent Residency Visa you can choose to remain in the home care industry or switch to another.

To convert your Permanent Residency Visa to a Canadian Passport you will need to stay in Canada for a total of three years within five years. Or two years in five years to renew your Permanent Residency Visa.

This might seem like a lot of information, that’s why I recommend you watch the video presentation by clicking on the link below.

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