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Registered Nurse, Mr Romanus Beaten Up By Local Government Chairman (Mr. Eborka Victor) On His Way Back From Work

A volunteer Registered Nurse, Mr Romanus at Central Hospital Agbor assaulted by Local Government chairman (Mr. Eborka Victor) on his way back from work.

Mr. Romanus is a Registered Nurse who is serving as a Volunteer Intern at Central Hospital Agbor.

He was heading back home from his afternoon duty on 15/04/2020 when some group of boys stopped him and ask for his Identity and where he was coming from.

Mr. Romanus narrated to us himself that he dipped his hands into his bag and brought out is Pass which was given to him by the Chief Medical Director where he was serving as a Volunteer interns.

He also showed them as proof his the personnel whom among was the Local Government chairman of Ika North East Mr. Eborka Victor his scrub that he is a Nurse as well.

All explanation fell on deaf ears and they all started to Beat him until he almost lost consciousness. Injuries was inflicted on him as the pics below denote the assertion.

During this incidence on the spot, he called his CMD whom spoke with the personnel to confirm truly Mr. Romanus work as a Nurse at Central Hospital Agbor. But it was too late as the Registered Nurse was calling for help to ease his pain.

The Chairman apologize verbally and promised to Pay his medical bill.

As the time of writing this publication, the Chairman have not met with The Nurse to Ask about his welfare Neither has he paid the medical bill.

The Nursing Community will not accept verbal apology from the chairman of Ika North East Mr. Eborka Victor.

Listen to the conversation between the Nurse and me below;


The Nursing Community in Nigeria demand an official apology on at least three news papers of his choice.

We demand he paid up Mr. Romanus medical bill with a proof of payment.

We demand he sign an under taking in the nearest police station for Our Member Mr. Romanus protection.

The assault against Nurses of recent has been on the rise in Nigeria.

Nurses are humans the Government has to deploy all available resources to protect the Nigeria Nurses.

The myopic view of the populace about Nursing has resulted to the integration of unfairness and neglect on Nurses plight.

Say no to Terror.
Say no to injustice.
Say no to Domestic Violence.
Say no to suppression of the vulnerable.


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