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Personal Response to One Dr N.L Orhue. National Chairman, Remuneration Committee (NMA) Comments on JOHESU Press Release on the Ongoing Nationwide Agitation

Personal Response to One Dr N.L Orhue. National Chairman, Remuneration Committee (NMA) Comments on JOHESU Press Release on the Ongoing Nationwide Agitation

Naturally, JOHESU is not known for responding to personal attacks from rabble rousers and low level attack dog like you, because dignifying you with a response means giving recognition and relevance to a mere attention seeker like you whose stock in trade is to shop for relevance anywhere you find an inch of space. This fellow was like that in Benin before he was sent packing and found abode in Asaba due to the hospitality disposition of Asaba people. Well, I think he doesn’t deserve the attention he seeks.so I shall respond in my personal capacity for posterity sake.

To describe JOHESU as liers and jealous is way beyond orhues pay grade. He should be prepared to back up all his claims against JOHESU in the court of the public when the jungle becomes matured.

The NMA that we all know is full of intellectuals and brilliant men and women. How come a character as unstable as he is assuming the role of their mouth piece?

He went as far as threatening same federal government he had earlier attempted to protect in his said rubbish write up. when he said “the federal government is FULLY aware that the issue of relativity is a NO GO AREA FOR DOCTORS.ANY ADJUSTMENT MADE ON CONHESS MUST REFLECT IN CONMESS.THERE IS NO ALTERNATIVE” Really?

Finally, the masquerade has finally reveal its real face, now Nigerians now know for a fact the people behind the endless crisis and inter professional rivalry in our health sector. Because of your self acclaimed” industry leadership”, other key players in the sector should not enjoy the fruit of their labour. God is watching you.

Just to set the records straight on your jealously guided relativity, which you keep deceiving the undiscerning public and government with , your mantra “non-doctors wants to earn same salary with doctors” has fallen flat in the face of every known fact and logic, I shall historically educate you and your likes accordingly.




It’s on record that you have always get your ill gotten relativity through the back door.

Before Prof. Olikoye kuti, all health workers were on same basic salary with point of entry and other personalised allowance as relativity.

But he unilaterally gave doctors a new salary scale MSS without consultation with other health stakeholders. (Which marks the genesis of crisis in Nigerian health sector) You abandoned your MSS due to what you termed limitation in steps back then moved from one salary structure to the other including JOHESU members HATISS, Yet greed did not allow you people to find peace.

Fast forward to era of CONMESS & CONHESS. It has same basic allowance ability until you went back door as usual to tinker with your basic severally, despite the fact that your entry point has moved to equivalent of CONHESS 12 while the best JOHESU members could get was and is still CONHESS 9 as entry point till date. To you it’s still not enough relativity. Your consultancy allowance and other special allowances you get on monthly basis which JOHESU members do not get is still not enough relativity abi?

The current ungodly relativity that you enjoy today won’t happen in saner climes. The general public should note that the salary of a senior medical officer 2 is same as that of a Director on CONHESS 15 (JOHESU member) in the same sector and environment. Nigerians should ask where such exists .who does that?

All the undue and corrupt promotional steps advantage you get is still not enough, even though it’s against civil service rule, but your professional headship of hospitals has helped you to evade the long arm of the law. very soon, we shall open the can of worms in the health sector for the whole world to see and judge who the real liers, thieves and jealous group are.


  • What amount of RELATIVITY should be allowed to exist between salary structures in same industry? because until the general public whom you seek to deceive is put in the know, you will continue to wallow in your I’ll gotten relativity.
  • Its indeed time to do a table by table comparism in the court of the public.
  • If the implementation of government policies are not tied to professions, how come the implementation of your ungodly relativity is tied only to your profession?
  • If you’re not always looking for ways to short change johesu members why did you not carry her along when you nicodemously went to tinker with your CONMESS severally. Why are you now so pained that JOHESU is openly agitating for her table to be adjusted ?

Let it be known to you that, your threat to resist adjustment of CONHESS table is noted and the entire world is watching how you “carried big Elephant on your head and still envious of our small rabbit”. God dey watch you!

That Government side as represented by your three professional colleagues should ignore JOHESU so that your unbridled ego shall continue to be massaged is an I’ll wind that will not do anybody  good.

The health industry does not belong to one particular group, so your quest and appetite for “over big” emoluments at the detriment of others is one of the reasons for unabated crisis and inter professional rivalry that may consume all the gains we have managed to achieved over the years.

Despite all your underhand tactics , manipulations  and machinations against JOHESU and her members ,we continue to survive and stand tall.

Remember, when a king that knoweth not Joseph will be on the throne in the health sector, the narratives will change.

Take my words, things will not continue like this in Nigeria health sector fact!

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You have entered the boxing ring with JOHESU and her members, be ready to fight. We are also waiting for the “comprehensive response” which you promised in your write up. I can assure you that we are more than capable to respond in more measure. No less!

Dr , accountant, Orhue should purge himself of greed and Jack of all trade attitudes. As a senior member of the noble profession of medicine, you should live by examples.

Looking for relevance in the wrong place will only bring you shame and public ridicule.

Be properly guided!


Com. Davidson Akilaiya

Nat. secretary (Thincf)

Medical and health workers’ Union of Nigeria.


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