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NMCN Move To Inaugurate Licensed Community Nursing, A Step In A Right Direction?

NMCN circular

Precedential to the recent circular released by the Nigeria Nursing and Midwifery Council (Ref:N&MCN/SG/RO/CIR/24/VOL.4/152) dated 6th March 2020 commencing a new program called Licensed Community Nursing.

This circular has thrown the Nursing Community into a state of confusion.

Understanding of the subject matter is very important in this article.

It was stated in paragraph 4 of the circular that the Licensed Community Nurse (LCN) will be regulated by nursing council unlike the CHEW, CHO, JCHEW that ingratiate their practice. Most nurses don’t want to work in rural areas reason because the salary structure is not robust enough, the university graduate nurses aimed working in a higher institutions won’t do same.

CHEWS, CHO, JCHEW are manning the Nigeria primary health centers, the N&MCN are creating another level of nurses as it is in other country and there should be no need for vindictive vendetta actions by Nurses.

Other countries has ,CRNA,  LPN, VPN, RN then associate nurse.

In Nigeria, there is only have RN and B.NSc there is need to bridge the gab between the PHCs and nurses in Nigeria.

The Public health nurses want to work with NGO’s and organizations such as WHO, UNICEF.

Even when some Nurses are employed in this Primary Health centres, it is very predictable and assuring they are leaving and migrating out soonest the moment an opportunity arises.

According to N&MCN officials interviewed by our correspondence, the Licensed Community Nurses will be those leaving in that very community and they will be trained to take care of their community Primary Health Centers and, report to the Nurses. Isn’t this beautiful and awesome….?

This set of LCN, will be employed by their local government and paid by their local government where they hail from.

In conclusion, there is no need for rufo rufo, the idea on inaugurating Licensed Community Nursing will also bring an end to quackery in Nigeria as Every child out there who can’t afford the excess tuition fee thus seeing patronizing private institution as an option, can now settled for LCN.

I wish the Nigeria Nurses can see the positivity in this development.

See the circular by the NMCN below:

NMCN circular

Kindly share your view on the comment session as well as your questions.

Osagie Merry
Half Human Half Oracle.


6 thoughts on “NMCN Move To Inaugurate Licensed Community Nursing, A Step In A Right Direction?”

  1. I thought you had sense, now I see you’re just so empty, I wonder what they must have given you that made you see sense in what they are about creating,instead of amending and restructuring the profession they are bringing it down. We will all live to see what we have done to ourself. The fight between nurses and CHEWs are yet to get settled, and this one is about to rise. Indeed sense is not common. I pity the young generations to come.

    1. Dear Clare Thanks for venting your opinion on the page. There are ways to State your grievances without engaging on Public insults. Because your insults goes no where but your Polite opinion can. The Nursing profession is undergoing a revamping process and it will get better see the brighter side. CHEWS ARE NOT YOUR ENEMIES.

    2. If you are a nurse then I believe you need more training and orientation. You do not insult people after they share their opinion rather you put up your points and let people reason with you. Kindly apologize.

  2. Gbolas Oluwafunmike

    Good evening, thank you for this information,pls NMcN should let the least certificate in nursing to be RN Community Nursing should be together with Public health Community Drs dose not have lesser years in the college .

  3. Nigeria should not compare themselves with countries that have lpn and the likes… Nigeria is developing and not developed.
    We face a lot of ridicule because we go to school of nursing, medical officers ridicule us by comparing this years of education between us.. Chews will impersonate us too, they spent 3 years too..
    This so called year of international nurses and midwife,is this their revolution for it?
    We expected something better and not lesser.
    Mind you, we have bnsc, RN and auxiliary nurses… Yes, nurses won’t take action because they too are training them..
    How many Medical officers are in Phc level, the so called brain of health care,no consultant at all and they didn’t implement a mini mbbs program to degrade their profession.
    There are unemployed nurses out there, let there be employment at the Phc level.. What become of the certificate of the RPHN?
    The older nurses shouldn’t make nursing a mess for the younger ones. Nursing is a reputable profession we don’t expect less.. Mbbs can never be made less all in the name of affordability or so.. Not only nurses seek greener pasture, medical officers and pharmacist too…
    Nurses are the thorn in between nursing that won’t make nursing grow. Nursing, the heart of health care system, I hope this heart is not been deprived of enough blood..

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