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I have read through the press release of JOHESU and wish to state that most of her claims are not only incorrect , but deeply embarrassing for such a body to embark on an unenviable game of lies and jealousy. JOHESU choose to incite the public and government officials against the profession of medicine and the practitioners. This is very clear in their releases and social media campaign. They have always used this ploy against Drs Ngige, Adewole, Ehanire and Mamora who are colleagues on national duty for the nation on the goodwill of Mr President exercising his constitutional privilege. They are not the only professionals in government. Lecturers have been ministers of education but we have never read or head where implementation of government policy in that sector or negotiation was tied to their profession. This can only happen in the health sector.

The Federal government, in 2009, never entered into any agreement with doctors or JOHESU members on relativity in the health sector. The CONMESS was created on the request by the NMA. This was opposed by JOHESU for reasons well known. The demand for CONMESS was due to our rejection of the conversation of our salary scale (MSS/MSSS) that existed then into the HATISS and HAPSS in 1998. That conversation eroded and distorted the relativity between HSS, UASS, UGSS (GL), Judicial salary and MSS/MSSS. The MSS/MSSS was way and above these salary structures. Evidence convinced the federal government in 2009 and 2014 to grant the creation of CONMESS and incomplete correction of relativity respectively. If JOHESU has evidence of agreement on relativity, they should provide it. We offere this challenge to her. We have evidence of signed relativity. So please disregard their antics. Drs Ngige, Adewole, Ehanire and Mamora have been ruthlessly protective of the interest of health workers within the ambit of the law and conventions even though they have superintended over No work, No pay implementation against doctors.

There is no evidence that the FMLE and FMOH signed any MOU or reach any agreement on relativity with JOHESU in 2017 as being emotionally propagated out of jealousy. This was obvious during the ADR. “Adjustment of CONHESS as was done for NMA” as JOHESU usually put it, actually mean removal of relativity. This was one of the areas of dispute not settled as contained in the consent judgement of the NICN. We will provide the evidence to this forum for independent  assessment and interpretation.

The Federal government is FULLY aware that the issue of relativity is a NO GO AREA FOR DOCTORS. Any adjustment made in CONHESS MUST reflect in CONMESS. There is no alternative. The Nigerian doctor is not against enhancement of salary for any worker in the health sector or any other sector for that matter. However, any adjustment that will throw us back to the 1998 distortion and erosion of relativity will be resisted.

Similarly, the Nigerian doctor is not for No work, No pay. We have suffered from this policy more than any other worker in the country. We do not know where JOHESU got her information as facts on ground is contrary to the content of her uncontrolled emotional outburst. This is not “unreminiscence” of her well known record….intimidation, emotion, distortion of facts and outright falsehood. The Nigerian doctor wishes to inform JOHESU that he is not against payment of her withheld salary. He wishes to add that his withheld salary should be paid while paying that of JOHESU members. Is that not moral?

I want to appeal to colleagues that the NMA President and NOC will issue a comprehensive response, which is at advanced stage, to the claims of JOHESU and wish to request all to await that while we go about our normal duties.

Thank you

Dr N. L. Orhue

National Chairman, Remuneration Committee, NMA


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