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How To Transform Your Life And Be Exceptional In Six Months

When you have a plan and you have clear focus, you can begin to move in the right direction.

Staying focused on the goal is the hardest part, but once you have the hardest part beaten, the rest will come easy.

Chris Hogan said: Winning with money doesn’t take a finance degree from Harvard. It takes focus AND hard work. It takes listening to smart people—like financial coaches who have Witness first hand debt and derived methods to come out of it.

The truth is being a financial coach entails you taste both side of the coin. Debt and Financial freedom.


Emmanuel Oyedika said a lot of things in this life thrives on the wheel of friendship.

Many doors are opened by contacts and networks.

Learning how to manage relationships and networks rightly is not something one should just learn but something one should deliberately do.

Be deliberate about this.

In becoming successful, hard work, passion, practice, resilience are important Recipes

But what Shoot you to your desired destination is the Network of people you have in your Colony.

What to do is not usually the problem of many, it is to DO IT, people are really suffering with EXECUTION.

If you work on yourself to be a ruthless EXECUTIONER of ideas and plans, you will be ahead of many and record many success and breakthroughs. Giftalworld

Where I am today is birthed by those I have associated with and of course if I am going to come down it will also be because of the information I received.

My friend Stanley said to me Merry You have probably heard the statement that “opportunity comes only once.”

I said yes Stanley I have.

It’s not true he said.

The thing is, opportunity always comes, but if you are not prepared for it, you can’t use it to your favor.

Opportunity has rightly been defined as a situation whose odds are in your favor.
And it is true he said.

I said Stanley I don’t understand.

I’ll explain this with two examples Stanley said.

What should a man do to get his wife pregnant? Stanley ask me.

Have sex with her, right?

I said yes


He has to have sex with her when she’s in her fertile period.

If she isn’t in her fertile period, whatever he does will fail.

He may decide to pound like a mad man, it won’t work.

Even if he invents creative sex styles from the moon, nothing will happen.

But the moment she is in that period, he doesn’t need much effort.

Just a drop and boom. Akwa nwa!

You have probably heard of guys who were accused of impregnating a lady and he said:

“I can’t be the one. I didn’t enter. I only played on the surface.”

That is how opportunity is. It makes you achieve with minimum effort because the odds are in your favor.

Man that is focused

Example 2:

Imagine you were in a room with 50 persons and they announced a $1,000,000 scholarship fund to be given out

You will definitely become excited.

Imagine they begin to reel out requirements:

  • You must have coding skills, know how to design websites.
  • Must have basic graphic design skills.

Imagine you have none of these skills.

The odds are automatically no longer in your favor.

That is how opportunity is.

So how can you turn your life around in 6 months so odds can now be in your favor?

1. Begin by asking

What are the critical skills that are required in your industry?

Make a list and spend the next 6 months developing them.

Buy books and training materials and devour them. Study like your life depends on them and practice daily.

Use your everyday experiences to practice.

Practice, practice, practice.

But don’t stop there.

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2. Find out who are the best of the best in your industry.

Understudy them.

Go a step further, connect with them.

Make friends with them.

Find out what makes them tick.

3. Ask yourself what you can bring to the table that none of them can bring.

Mix all three together.

Shey opportunities start calling, you will be prepared for them.

And here is the crazy thing about opportunity:

Once one opens up to your favor and you grab it, it causes a ripple effect of opening other doors of opportunity.

Focus on those skills.

Work them into your consciousness. Become a master.

You will profit from ’em.

See you in 6 months time.

Words from Osagie Merry

Reference Stanley David.


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