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The Director of the Pax Herbal Clinic and Research Laboratories, Ewu, Edo State, Nigeria, Rev. Fr. Anslem Adodo, OSB, has reported that NAFDAC has finally approved their Herbal remedy for the Treatment of symptoms associated with COVID-19.

In an internal memo that went viral on social media, Fr Anselm Adodo said, “after a series of screening, spanning eight weeks, NAFDAC has today approved our PAXHERBAL Covid-19 herbal drug, PAXHERBAL CUGZIN, for public use. It is the first to be so approved and presently the only one. The drug is specifically for treating the symptoms associated with the coronavirus.”


Fada Kay got in touch with one of the Benedictine Monks, who verified the story as authentic. Recall that NAFDAC had earlier given a tacit approval for the drug to be used, even though the body was yet to make that approval official. This is why the initial packs of the herbal remedy bore the disclaimer, “these claims have not yet been verified by NAFDAC.” With that hurdle crossed, PAXHERBAL CUGZIN now has the Nafdac number A7-4358L. This is a great achievement, and it’s wonderful to see.


The herbal remedy had earlier been produced under the brand name of “CVD PLUS” before it was rebranded to “PAX HERBAL CUGZIN”. The novel drug is in capsules form, and is packaged in a container of eighty 290mg capsules, each containing Garcinia Kola, Curcuma Longa, and Zingiber officinale.


In an earlier post of ours captioned PAX HERBALS REBRANDS COVID-19 HERBAL DRUG: BEGINS NATION-WIDE DISTRIBUTION, we interacted with Rev. Fr. Dr. Jerome Ejim, OSB, who informed us that the drug did undergo NAFDAC serious NAFDAC screening.


The Benedictine Monk went further to state that the drug went through animal testing and clinical trials before they got approval to begin distribution. He added that the function of the drug is both curative and preventive, as it can serve as an immunity booster, as well as an anti infective drug. He however noted that it was not to be used by pregnant women and children under 11 years old.

The required dosage is two capsules daily, as an immunity booster, while usage for persons with symptoms of COVID-19 would require the directions of the health providers.

Recall that on April 29 2020, the Pax Herbal Clinic and Research Laboratories, released a Press Statement on it’s official Facebook Page. The statement was “ABOUT CURE FOR COVID-19”, though the claim was really about the “TREATMENT” of COVID-19.

In that release, which we ran under the caption “Catholic Monks Discover ‘CVD PLUS’ for the Treatment of COVID-19“, , we noted, among other things, that “Fr. Anslem Adodo, Director at Pax Herbals had earlier recommended some of its already NAFDAC-approved drugs for the management of symptoms associated with COVID-19.


In an interview granted to Catholic Herald; official newspaper of the Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos, Rev. Fr. Dr. Anselm Adodo, whose doctoral degrees are in Management of Technology and Innovation, and Medical Sociology said, “we have herbal medicines for many of the diseases that plague our people. For more than 25 years, we have been producing herbal medicines for Diabetes, Hypertension, Asthma, Malaria, prostrate problem, male and female infertility and others. For those 25 years, we have strived to maintain the same high standard and consistency. The only thing we are poor at is making noise about what we do. Those who use the products make the noise for us” (cf. fadakay.org).

Now that the Pax Herbal Cugzin has gained approval, it is important to warn the general public not to self-medicate. There are Pax herbal distributors trained to answer all questions regarding usage of the Novel drug. Hence, PAXHERBALS will not be held liable for abuse of this drug, should people decide to overdose on it, or use without proper recourse to professional guidance.



As at the time of filing this report, there was no official statement from NAFDAC on their website or on any of their social media handles to corroborate these claims. The audience is advised to take action at their own discretion.


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