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Barren Relationships


That relationship that

makes you complain all the time, to the point that all your friends and family members know you for that;

makes you cry to sleep all the time because of what the person you are dating does to you and it thereby robs you of peace;

makes you afraid that you will get hurt or hurt yourself or come to sudden harm;

makes you feel depressed and suicidal for a very long time;

makes you compare yourself with other people and makes you push yourself to certain limits just to do things that will appeal to or pacify somebody all the time;

makes you keep adjusting and amending your lifestyle just to suit their fansies;

makes you keep seeking for advice and counsels about how to resolve different kinds of issues;

makes you come before God with guilt all the time and makes you look like a bad sheep before your family members;

is nothing but a barren relationship.

Do you still intend to keep working on it, hoping it will have a turn around and maybe get better?

Why didn’t Jesus command that barren tree to bear fruits instead of laying a curse on it? Is it that he hadn’t the power to do it? This is someone who made stones ooze out water and made a burning bush to stay unscathed. What will be hard to make a fruitless tree bear fruit? Instead he cursed it and the tree withered by the next day. As the Creator, He believed the tree has had its chance to yield fruit and has till that moment remained unfruitful. So He did away with it!!!

This is what you should do if you are in a fruitless relationship… Matt 3:10 “and now the axe is laid at the fruit of the tree. Any tree that does not bear fruit, is cut down and cast into the furnace.”

I am not saying you should not give those relationships chance to get better. You can. But don’t over pamper them. If they are just not working and you are getting overworked, instead of waiting for results that aren’t forthcoming, TAKE IT DOWN AND WALK ON.

It will amazed you to know some people don’t really have plans of marrying you, all they want is to associate with you because of your beauty and to have sex with you and when they are done, they pass you over to their friends. Break up can come from any angle humans are wicked to that extent.

While you are Busy having Empathy about breaking up with him/her, they are already planning how to bury the remaining part of your Integrity and self worth.

Moving away from a toxic relationship is one way to stay alive for a better future.

Osagie Merry
Relationship/Marriage Coach 
Half Human Half Oracle.


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