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Register for recognition with NMBI
Apply for a qualifications recognition on CLICK HERE

What is the NMBI?
NMBI stands for Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland. It is the health regulator that all nurses and midwives working in Ireland must be registered to, similarly to the NMC in the UK.

Register under option G3 for a registered nurse or midwife who have practiced for at least 12months after qualification as a nurse or midwife.
Recognition fee is €350 make sure to provide all neccesary documents asked.

Apply for registration
Nurses and midwives who practise in Ireland must be registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI).
Registration fee is €150.
If application is fully accepted proceed to next. If not accepted, the nmbi board will contact you for possible options to complete your application.

Apply and get a job in Ireland
It is your responsibility to find a job in Ireland but agencies like IHR can help CHECK THEM OUT

Apply for a visa
As a registered nurse/midwife apply at http://www.inis.gov.ie/en/INIS/Pages/Home under Critical Skills Employment Permit.

You must have an employment letter before you can apply for a visa in Ireland. Your employer may help with your visa processing.
6. Move to Ireland and start working.
Your employer will inform you and based on agreement the need for accommodation and traveling expenses (such fees are subject to change)
Application takes about 2-6 months and the NMBI attends to client on a first come first serve bases, no means of fast tracking


What is the process for overseas applicants?
The NMBI has simplified the process into five steps:

In your decision letter, you will receive one of four outcomes:

  1. Eligible for registration
  2. Further information required
  3. Required to successfully complete a period of adaptation and assessment/Aptitude Test before you can be registered
  4. Refused registration

Remember: Don’t move to Ireland (unless you are an Irish native), leave your current employment or apply for positions until you receive a decision letter from the NMBI about your registration application.

What is the difference between the Overseas Aptitude Test and the NMBI Adaptation and Assessment Test?
The Overseas Aptitude Test is coordinated and managed by the Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery in the Royal College of Surgeons Ireland (RCSI).

This test doesn’t require an employer to sponsor you (although you can choose to obtain employer sponsorship), whereas the Adaptation and Assessment Test does.

The Adaptation and Assessment Test state that you must find an employer to sponsor you to work as a nurse in Ireland. They will apply for your test placement on your behalf, pay for it, and often help you to find accommodation. However, you will be responsible for obtaining your own work visa, as with an Overseas Aptitude Test.

The Overseas Aptitude Test only takes around 10-14 days to complete, but the Adaptation and Assessment Test process can take 6-24months.

Adaptation and Assessment Test
If your decision letter comes back and says you’re required to take the Adaptation and Assessment Test, there will be details included regarding how to join the NMBI’s Candidate Register and about the test itself. It will also include a list of healthcare facilities that have been approved by the NMBI.

There are several steps for you to take with this assessment and, as previously mentioned, it can take 6-24months where places are limited.

Here’s a breakdown of how the assessment works.

Find employment
First things first, you need to find an employer. They must be someone willing to employ you as a nurse in Ireland and apply for your placement on the Adaptation and Assessment Test.

This is the stage that can take 6-24months, as finding a placement doesn’t always happen immediately.

Visa and travel
Even though your employer applies for your place on the test, it is your responsibility to apply for a work visa and arrange travel.

Adaptation and Assessment Process
This is a supervised assessment where you will work on placement in an Irish healthcare facility for six weeks. If you complete this successfully, you will receive an official nurse pin and can complete registration with the NMBI.

Once you have your pin and have registered, you are ready to start work as a nurse in Ireland!

English Language Competence and Overseas Applicants
As of the 2nd April 2018, it became compulsory for applicants registering with the NMBI, who qualified outside of Ireland, to provide substantial evidence to show that their English skills are strong enough to communicate within their professional environment.

This includes communicating through speech, reading, listening and writing, and evidence must be provided to demonstrate competence in these areas.


Prices for an Overseas Application Request Fee (first-time applicant) are €350, then the overseas registration fee (if deemed eligible to join the Register) is €145.

Can I work while my application goes through?
If you are doing an Adaptation and Assessment Test, you can work in Ireland but only as a pre-registration nurse. This position pays more than an HCA but not quite as much as a registered nurse. However, as mentioned before, when taking this route, the sponsor will often help you to find accommodation. At times, this can mean living with a member of staff and others it can be living somewhere at a subsidised rate. In addition to this, you will often get money to sign on with them.

Do I need a visa?
Typically, if you have an EU passport, you can work in Ireland without applying for a visa. You can, however, choose to apply for a European Professional Card, which is designed to make it easier for your qualifications to be recognised in other EU countries.

To double check if you need a visa, head to the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service website, where you can select your country and find full details of the steps you need to take.




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