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Mr. Olabode The Murder of Nurse Adaeze Blessing Finally Arraigned Before the Court

Nurses Mrs. Anya Adaeze Popularly Known as mummy David was Murdered by her Husband Mr. Olabode oluwasanmi Popularly known as Daddy David, today 14th April, 2020.

Nurse Mrs. Anya Adaeze was 8months + pregnant.

Our Correspondence who pleaded to remain anonymous revealed She had a misunderstanding with her husband and the man beat her up with iron rod.

The beating was so serious that She had ruptured uterus, rupture ovaries and torn ligament, The baby at birth following Emergency Ceasarean section had internal bleeding and died less than 1hour after birth.

This is Grossly unacceptable that women are majorly victims of domestic violence in our society.

What has the Nurse done to warrant this capital punishment.?

Nrs Anya Adaeze

According to her colleagues we communicated with over this issue responded;

“I have know this lady for 17years+, she is an easy soul, she fends for her family (she is the bread winner) she just finished her post basic nursing program after almost 7yrs of basic midwifery. She is a hustler.”

“She loves this beast she called a husband so much, I remember her bragging to me that her son and husband are April born and that this her pregnancy to will be delivered in April, that she wants her kids and husband to share same month.”

She further said surprisingly she has never once mentioned that her husband beats her.

Domestic violence is a crime against humanity we call on all Authorities and Law Enforcement Agency to please give Justice to Nurse Anya.

We are aware even if Mr. Olabode oluwasanmi is sent to prison will it bring Adaeze back?

Say No to Domestic violence

Choose to live

Run for your life.

It was Reported that:

For killing his pregnant wife identified as Blessing, Fourthy seven (47) years old Seun Olabode has been arraigned before an Ondo State Magistrates’ Court sitting in Akure.

He was arrested by the police at the Oke Ogba area of Akure for allegedly killing the deceased by hitting her in the abdomen.

He was arraigned on one count charge of murder.

Police prosecutor, Inspector Uloh Goodluck, said the offence is punishable under Section 319 (1) of the Criminal Code, Cap 36, Vol. 1, Laws of Ondo State.

According to him, the court should remand defendant in police custody pending legal advice from the Directorate of Public Prosecutions.

Counsel to the defendant, Mr A. Ololike, did not oppose the remand application.

The presiding magistrate, Mr N. T. Aladejana, ordered that Oluwaseun be remanded in police custody pending legal advice from the DPP and adjourned the case till September 8, 2020, for mentioning.


We awaits September 8 for the latest Development.


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55 thoughts on “Mr. Olabode The Murder of Nurse Adaeze Blessing Finally Arraigned Before the Court”

  1. Quiet very bad,anger is a terrible thing.she is not alife to state her position in the matter. Couples is better to sperate/divorce once you find out that you can no longer tolerate each other than resort to beating or other harmful means.may her soul find peace with her marker.for the man hope this lesson will make you a better person as you pass through your journey of paying for for your this unbearable/painful wrong.

      1. I don’t know where u as a publisher got your stories from. The said couple is well known to me, in fact, we are church members and I was the driver who drove them to their home on the day of their wedding.
        I can tell u that this story is not true and I don’t know who is behind all these blatant lies.
        The said husband is like a brother to me even the wife too. There was no case of domestic violence as they both love each other.

        Visit FMC owo or mother and Child hospital akure where she was referred from following ceaserian section surgery. Some unscrupulous elements are behind this stories and I wonder what they will gain after all.

        Let us fear God.

        Investigate every matter and hold on to that which is true.

        Every paragraph and words in these stories have no element of truth, I can boldly say that.

        Please be warned of libelous stories like this, I won’t hesitate to institute libelous suite against u for this.
        This is not fair at all as the families are in serious mourning, reading these libelous stories is a deadly blow.

        1. Dear Atoki

          i honestly do not know this couple before as you claim, be rest assured our union are ontop this issue. that you drove the couple home after their wedding makes you feel you know them….? will the husband and wife tells you he is beating his wife?
          how was her picture gotten?
          how was their names gotten?
          this means someone that knwos reported this incident and investigations will be carried out specificly an AUTOPSY so relax we shall get to the root.

  2. The man is a heartless man ,he does not know the value of a woman. The last time I saw her was at first bank at oja oba in January .Justices must prevail. May her soul rest in Peace God should console the parent and sibbing she left behind

  3. Let us fear God, let us investigate every matter before we write stories on them.
    The said couple is well known to me as we have shared so many things in common
    There was never a case of domestic violence at all.
    The woman went through caesarian section more than a week before she passed on. In case u want to verify, visit FMC Owo where she passed on.
    I don’t know who is making these wicked and libelous stories up. Let us fear God above all things.

    I won’t say more than these.

    I rest my case.


    1. Really?? Then this needs thorough investigation. Let the husband narrate what happened but authorities should investigate to clear his name or otherwise ….

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